Beloved soul,

here you find some testimonials of some former clients of mine. It is proof that Long Distance Energy Healing is not just a fairy tale but can be part of our reality if we open up to discover the multidimensional aspects of our very existance. We are more than just physical beings and those who look for a different perspective in and on life are welcome to work with me. Read through them and/or book your very personal session right here with me. 


“My session with Carina was sublime. Her radiant presence was powerful yet graceful as she guided me through dimensions of my physical, energetic, and spiritual being and led me to places of deep, exquisite healing. Carina’s intuitive and insightful nature —coupled with her generous heart — made me feel expansively seen, respected, and cared for, as well as informed, revitalized, and empowered. It was a joy to connect with her. “  
~ Shadow Soleil, California ~

"I have had the honor of working with Carina and her Conscious Eating Lifestyle Coaching. It has truly been a life changing experience! Her knowledge and awareness have had a lasting effect on the dietary choices I make on a daily basis. I had been trying to be "Vegan" for years and would constantly make myself feel bad about myself for not being able to feel fulfilled with the attempt. After working with Carina, and learning the importance of making conscious decisions with the purity of ingredients I intake and asking myself "Do I want to harm an animal when I eat this?" put it into perspective for me, the power of the choices I make each and every opportunity I have to make a choice not only with food, but in my every day life.

Carina, is so nurturing and incredibly structured as a guide. Her ethical structure does not waiver, yet her compassion creates a non-judgmental environment that allows you to be human, make mistakes, and truly test your own personal values to see either what works or doesn't work for you. My experience with her has been incredibly transformative! I have to say, that because of the lifestyle choices Carina has equipped me with, I have lost weight, and love my body more than I ever have! Thank you, Carina!!! "
~ Adrienne Tabag, California ~

"My experience with Carina has been deeply profound and moving. From her yummy recipes to her distance healing sessions, Carina’s advice and teachings are literal pieces of love she sends directly to you. I will be integrating what I learned from her for a long time, sometimes in a big chunk (like when I need a crazy fast, running out the door, have to eat it in the car on the way to 3 school drop offs breakfast, grab REAL FOOD - an apple & apricot - instead of a packaged breakfast bar), sometimes in smaller pieces, like learning how to set intentions with each New Moon and the power in speaking them out loud thereby sending their energy into the Universe. Carina is a magical and powerful force for good. She will guide you on a path of learning that will bring self-discovery and beauty to your life. Open your heart, let her kindness and warmth in, and you will be transformed in wonderful ways!"
~ Raighne Kortla, California ~

"The work Carina has done with me cleared paths, while I was sleeping, in one session. Splendid, harmonious shifts in all I do has resulted. It was like going through a magical portal and landing on the other side. You are safely tethered. And the exchange begins. Magical!"
~ Lolita G., California ~

"Carina is flat out an amazing healer. I had the honor of having a long distance healing session with her, and it opened me up to a profound experience of the multidimensionality of our being, while unearthing and unraveling some deep emotional knots in myself that had been forgotten and needed to come to light. And to come undone. It was beautiful, without being a painful process on my side. The healing gave also space to the activation of light energies, right then and there during the session. It was unexpected, surprising, and moving for me, and this confirms to me how powerful Carina's clearing was. I immensely appreciated the follow up call we had together, that helped me bring to consciousness what had happened during the session. Carina's reading is precise, her conveying of the information she receives very gentle and loving, and at the same time thorough and objective; she holds beautifully the space for healing, with generosity of heart and tremendous openness. She is a precious treasure for humanity. I am so grateful to have met her! "
~ Eliana Crestani, Italy ~

"Working with Carina removed many blocks of trapped emotions. I feel a physical relief and a cascade of new opportunities have opened. Carina offers a gentle, yet powerful space for emotional healing to occur."
~ Kali M., Florida ~

"After going through a bit of a rough patch, I was able to receive a healing session from Carina. Before this, I was feeling exhausted and lost. I wasn’t sure if I was going in the right direction and it was taking a toll on me. After receiving the cleanse, I woke up and couldn’t believe it. I noticed some energy start to come back and a sense of clarity. I was able to video chat and talk about what came up on her end and on mine. Carina guided me through my energy blockages and feelings that were being suppressed from years ago. She helped a light switch go off in me which has benefited my healing process. I am very grateful for Carina. She truly has a gift. "
~ Hannah Koughan, Canada ~  (received session during her stay in New Zealand)