Remove the label, now explore and look at what this connection is showing you.


My dear, I know how you are feeling, and I would have loved that this term would have never crossed my path. No, it is not a comfortable or easy ride when you meet your so-called "twin flame". I would have never categorized the experience I had with this person if spirit hadn't given me the name and arranged one situation so syncronistically with its label for me to believe that this is a real deal. It was this one moment where I saw real magic happening and had no idea how this works. Within over three years, I experienced a spiritual bond that I had never experienced before and that on multiple planes.


Although we wish it to be unicorns and butterflies, this journey is not necessarily ABOUT being with another person, yet to ascend on your spiritual path. It is a meeting for self-growth and healing. It is a stepping stone to dive deeply, to look at yourself as this person is, from my experience, the most astonishing mirror for your biggest fears, greatest insecurities, bad habits, and lack of soul alignment. Yet on the other end of the spectrum, it is a huge potential to learn about and love. Meeting your twin is a big invitation to become more whole within as all the shit you haven't dealt with will rise to the surface, to be cleared. Unwanted and neglected aspects within yourself knock at your door and want to be looked at and integrated.


So why do we remove the label?
It takes the pressure off, allowing us to explore without an external image or box in mind. And it gives us the space to talk about you.


Instead of recking havoc in your own life by losing yourself through the experience and label, I want to support you in becoming more stable within the self, growing into a more compassionate person for yourself and to leave this connection behind.


What we can talk about or address during the Session

  • how to create as little harm and less suffering to and within the connection
  • finding more balance between the masculine and feminine aspects within yourself
  • areas that need healing or letting go
  • looking at toxic thoughts, behaviors, and habits (codependency, addictions, self-destructive patterns)
  • self-alignment and self-realization
  • your chosen purpose and meaning
  • who do you want to be, and who are you now (no shame conversations)
  • learning to self-love independent from people, places and things or accomplishments

And whatever weights on your heart or weights you down.


Twin Flame Coaching Session

This is a 1:1 Coaching Session via Zoom. An Emotion Code Session can be part of it.

90,00 €

  • Available

One recommendation ahead is don't talk about this connection with those not walking in your shoes. They will for sure not understand the magic you have experienced on your journey.
What is sacred should stay sacred to you.


Further Info: Please send me an email via contact form with the best time availability during my work hours to set up our session after booking. If your timezone collides completely with my availability; feel free to contact me and I will see how I can make you fit into my schedule.

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