Everything in this universe is energy. Even the most solid parts in our human experience consist of energy, just vibrating at a different frequency. The denser, the lower the frequency and the slower the vibration.

Thoughts and feelings also carry a certain frequency. The frequency of love is a different one than the frequency of hate. Just by the sound of each one of these words, you will already feel a difference in your body. Your entire energy field is affected by many different things like your daily thoughts and feelings, your bloodline, your lifestyle choices, your experiences, and how you process and relate to these etc.

So within yourself, you carry many different frequencies building up as your entire energy field, that carries your unique vibration as a being. But energy is fluid, it can change and transform and we are in constant exchange with our environment, allowing us to understand the interconnectedness of all things. We seem to be separate through our human eyes, yet we are sitting in one big soup altogether. This is why our personal choices will always have a ripple effect. Yes, when we take action but as well regarding our feelings and thoughts. Through changing your thoughts and feelings or how you relate to them, you change your vibration. Once you understand this concept, you can understand how powerful you can be, by just raising or lowering your own frequency and vibration of being, even without taking action just by BEING. The more harmony you create for yourself, the more harmony you will bring back to this world - the equation is simple the path not always easy.

During this Service, I connect with and tap into your energy field, as time and space only exist within our human perception, and receive messages from other dimensions for you and bring healing into the areas that need support and harmonization. I deeply believe the more balance we can bring into the soul-mind-heart-body connection and live in alignment and resonance with our soul, the healthier, fulfilled, and vibrant we become.

This is for you if you feel stressed and ungrounded, are looking for more clarity or a different perspective on your life or just want to bring more harmonious flow into your entire energy field. These sessions are designed to support you to live more in alignment with your true authentic self and to create higher emotional grounds for you. We release layers that weight you down or limit your spiritual growth, so you can expand into your next state of being.

Each session is as unique and special as the client is! They vary from Soul Retrievals, Clearings and Stabilization of the energy field to Activations and Transmissions.

During these sessions, I am guided and supported by my galactic family and guides, such as your guides. Everything will be for your highest and greatest good, and your energy field will be protected and sealed at all times. Your job is to allow, receive and let the magic in.

The realm of spirit is very different from the third-dimensional human experience here on planet earth. A lot of the information I receive is in colors and symbology, which we will clarify and put into perspective during our follow up call. The places I take you for the healing sessions are in different dimensions and realms, the messages I will bring back to you are not, yet are, of this world.

Maybe this session will bring a little bit of magic into your life.
The reconnection for me with spirit surely did!

I am deeply honored to be allowed to offer this as one of my soulfulservices and to be part of your world!


30-45min Long Distance Energy Healing Session (remote)

Follow Up Mail with Findings
1h  1:1 Follow Up Coaching/Guidance Call via Zoom (recording possible)

Price: 222€


The  energy healing part of the session are remote light and energy healings and activations. I will be connecting with you during a time we agree upon. During this time, you need to be in a comfortable and relaxed state. There is no voice communication during this time, they are not in-person!

  • If you have any questions, please write me an email before booking!
  • Once you have paid for a session, please email me to let me know your preferred time and date, and your time zone (I am currently in WEST). I will confirm by email the session day and time. With foreign (not from Europe) clients like the USA, I prefer working with you for the healing session and scan during your sleeping time. You therefore only need to make room for the coaching call, and I don't have to schedule everything in my late or very early hours.
  • Please send me as well a current picture of yourself and your full name after booking. It is then easier for me to connect with your energy! If there is a specific area you want me to focus on, please let me know ahead. I am usually guided to what is the most important, after our session you are often invited to bring the energetic changes into the physical.
  • Please understand I do not diagnose!!! I share what I see, hear, and feel, bringing you information from the other side, allowing you to understand life in a different way.
  • By booking this service, you have read and approved of the disclaimer.

Thank you so much for your trust, and letting me be of service to you!