You have skin issues like dermatitis and are looking for a different perspective? You want to take back control of your health? Or you just want to live a more conscious lifestyle?


Then my lifestyle counseling package might be of interest for you.

I for myself have suffered over many years of severe dermatitis and I therefore know how challenging it is to live with this kind of disease. I wished I had known over 10 years ago, when my health really began to crash, what I know now. It was a quite wild ride of trying different methods to cure or to get a handle on the symptoms, the official treatment wasn't the solution I was looking for. Because it wasn't a solution. But what one of my lovely teachers always says "you grow through what you go through" and through my pain and suffering I made the necessary changes in my life that grew me into the person I am today, wiser and stronger with practical tools, that can help other people to take a short cut. I am not giving you here the promise to have figured it all out for you, but I know about the key elements that need to be worked on in order to achieve a desirable outcome for your SELF, as long as you do your work and commit to yourself.


You do not need to be ill in order to work with me. Prevention is the key, believe me! There are many ways to already begin today in order to prevent disease from showing up in the physical. When something appears in the physical, it is a big call of your soul to listen that things need to change in your life. There are things within or outside of you that are not in alignment with the highest version of you. Your true essence! There might be contradicting beliefs, suppressed emotions, old wounds, self-sabotaging mechanisms, unhealthy circumstances you find yourself in, unhealthy habits, however you want to name it, something wants to be looked at.


My work is to help you to see the bigger picture and to show you multiple ways, where and how you can regain your personal power to bring things back into alignment for yourself. One key element that I am working with is the power of FOOD. I help people to transform into a plantiful whole foods way of eating, to cut out any highly processed or animal-based products and to establish healthy eating patterns. So if you have big resistance to make plants your best ally, then this might not be for you. Other major topics we work on are the power of belief and thought, self-love, compassion and gratitude. And to understand what a powerful and unique being you really are.


The wonderful thing is: when you change, things around you will change. Through your personal transformation you create a better world for all of us, not only for yourself. Isn't that an invitation?


So, if you are struggling with health issues, especially dermatitis, and are yearning for a different perspective on life or you just feel that something needs to change - I would love to work with you.


This can be the beginning of a wonderful journey. A journey towards a new you, the real you! I prepare you for the journey your soul is requesting you to go on. SO:





Overview of the lifestyle package

is a one month lifestyle counseling package, which includes:
1 x 1,5-2 hour initial meeting with intuitive counseling,
3 x 1,5 hour intuitive counseling and support in your dietary changes,
a demand-oriented approach,
practical advice to integrate the new knowledge and

everything that is already included in my conscious eating session

for 350€.


- a deep soulful connection with me

- mental and emotional support

- hope and motivation

- higher emotional grounds

- new ideas and a different perspective on life

- more self-worth and value

- a higher form of contentment with yourself

- a stronger connection with yourself
- practical tools for your daily life



- the openness for new ideas and perspectives

- the willingness for dietary changes

- the willingness to make change happen for yourself

- the intention to step into your personal responsibility
- hope, trust and an open heart to receive


I would be delighted to walk this path with you!
If you have any further questions or want to book a session or package with me, please send me an email at carina[at] Before engaging in any form of commitment with me, please read and approve to the disclaimer.