Then it is time to get back in your own driver's seat, to learn about the wheels that need to be turned to get a handle on this uncomfortale skin dis-ease.

I suffered from severe dermatitis for many years. During my youth it started with small patches. On top I began to suffer from many allergies. In my early twenties I had big breakouts in my facial area. No possibilities to hide it. 


Dermatitis is not only a skin issue, it is a mirror of your internal system and soul. The importance is to look at dermatits from a holistic perspective. This means to work with body, mind and spirit and to work on different wheels to bring the system back into balance.

This offer includes everything of the general Intuitive Wellness-Check that I offer and an EMOTION CODE Session. You can as well go ahead and subscribe to my mailing list and receive free access to my personal Wellness-Check Sheet that will help you to refelct on and over your personal life situation.

What we will do in one Session

  • create space for acknowledgement of your current situation and the challenges you are facing
  • identify specific people, places or things that might influence your current challenge and release energetic cords or attachments to be more in your own energy and step further into your personal power
  • look at and discuss your own contribution to the overall situation
  • identify and release stuck emotions that hinder your personal progress, contribute to your experienced imbalance and might affect your overall well-being
  • release blockages in and around the heart area to feel more loving and compassionate towards yourself and others
  • look at possible changes that need to be initiated and done to improve your situation in the physical


Intuitive Wellness Check for Dermatitis*

60 minute Zoom Call (includes an Emotion Code Session)

90,00 €

  • Available

Further Info: Please send me an email via contact form with the best time availability during my work hours to set up our session after booking. If your timezone collides completely with my availability; feel free to contact me and I will see how I can make you fit into my schedule.

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