Conscious Eating for well-being

My soulfulservice "conscious eating for well-being" is my wonderful offer to you in establishing healthy eating patterns that nourish your mind, body and soul.


Learn how to become fully aware of what you are putting into your body. To nourish it from the inside out with the foods that are the most supportive for your system and less harmful. My teachings that underly my coaching for conscious eating are comprised of a holsitic approach towards well-being for ourselves and our planet. From my perspective there are four key elements that give us central guidance on how to create our dietary choices: profound scientific knowledge, life's circumstances, intuition and connection to our core values.

My work is to help you to see the bigger picture and to show you multiple ways, where and how you can regain your personal power to bring things back into alignment for yourself. I help you to transform into a plantiful whole foods way of eating, to cut out any highly processed or animal-based products and to establish healthier eating patterns. Through my coaching package you receive clear guidance on what to eat, what to cut out, guidance on how to create delicious and healthy meals, mental and emotional support, motivation and inspiration. The challenge is not to just make it a dietary change, but to let it become your lifestyle, your way of living and to build a foundation from which it is easy to follow through. Other major topics we work on as we flow through a 4-month journey together are the power of belief and thought, self-love, compassion and gratitude. And to understand what a powerful and unique being you really are.


A beautiful side effect of a healthy lifestyle is the positive impact on the outside world. As you change your personal habits and become more in alignment with your values and a clean way of eating, you are not only bringing balance back into your life but also to the outside world. It is a wonderful path to commit to. Through your personal transformation you create a better world for all of us, not only for yourself.

Isn't that an invitation to you?

Go on a 4 month transformation with me

personal gain & possible outcome

  • learning + establishing healthier eating patterns
  • maintaining a healthier lifestyle
  • detoxification and nourishment
  • compact information you do not have to gather on your own
  • practical tools to create healthy meals for yourself
  • mental and emotional support to make the shift happen
  • becoming more in tune with your body
  • vitality and balance
  • a healthier version of you
  • a healthier connection with food
  • a deep soulful connection with me

what you need to bring

  • the openness for new ideas and perspectives

  • the willingness for dietary changes

  • the willingness to make change happen for yourself

  • the intention to step into your personal responsibility

  • hope, trust and an open heart to receive

Before engaging in any form of commitment with me, please read and approve to the disclaimer.