My Intuitive Wellness-Check & Assessment is here to look at your current life situation that gives you an insight where HEALING, NEW PRACTICES, and GROWTH is possible and needed for you. Once you know about "what is going on" & what changes you can make to improve your life's situation, you have the choice to take the necessary steps to evolve into the next higher version of you.

One famous saying that I like to mention here is "our genes load the gun, it is diet and lifestyle that pull the trigger", which I think are excellent and empowering news. CHOICE is one of the most significant powers that is given to us in this human experience, so how we live and perceive life has a tremendous effect on our state of being. Nothing manifests with no reason. We sometimes just need to take a step back and look from a higher perspective at our life to know where changes are possible.

We always have an option to change something about our life situation, but it often requires us to first pause and then to do something different and to leave our lovely comfort zone behind. No magic pill! We have to overcome what we used to be and relearn, rewire, and create new habits and structures for ourselves that support our health & overall well-being. This transition requires devotion, tons of self-love, patience, and discipline. All attributes that our lower human self really enjoys (lol). 


But once we get on the other side the new way becomes second nature and you will reap the rewards for choosing a journey of self-love.

This service is a path of deep self-reflection and self-awareness.
We are going to take a closer look into your current life situation and address, depening on your situation, some of the following areas:


As we look into your current life situation, we clarify where the wheels need to be turned and come up with your personalized "Medicine". The findings through our Sessions and the insight on areas to work on will give you direction for your next steps and a foundation from which you can begin to grow into a more authentic and self-loving future.



Intuitive Wellness Check & Coaching

1 hour Coaching Session via Zoom with an Emotion Code Session if needed

90,00 €

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Further Info: Please send me an email via contact form with the best time availability during my work hours to set up our session after booking. If your timezone collides completely with my availability; feel free to contact me and I will see how I can make you fit into my schedule.

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