It is time for us to open our hearts again and to release the pain and the struggles from the past.


These Healing Sessions address stuck emotions from the past that have accumulated in your energy body and “manipulate” your current life experience. Eckhardt Tolle calls these trapped emotions our pain body. These can dominate our life in living more from a reactive instead of a responsive mode. We often filter our current life situation, what we experience now, through these trapped emotions and the mental conditioning (ego) that evolved out of an experience we had in the past. Instead of being open and able to see what the now is presenting, we wear foggy glasses. We don’t have clear sight, which makes life more challenging & sometimes even dramatic where it doesn’t need to be.
From a metaphysical perspective or even in Chinese Medicine, different emotions carry different frequencies that have a resonance with specific body parts. If these emotions and negative thought forms weigh on us for too long, they can begin to cause or contribute to a physical manifestation that we call dis-ease.

Through my own healing journey and the experiences with my clients, I can say that there is a lightness that comes back into our lives once we begin to release these old emotions. We feel less triggered, can communicate more harmoniously and move through life with more ease. Sometimes we can make life changes that we wanted to make for a long time but were somehow incapable of doing.

Clearing our pain body can enable us to live more in the now than in a fearful future or a painful past.



If you have experienced one or more than these stressful or traumatic experiences in your life there is a high probability, when unprocessed, that they are still impacting your mental, emotional and physical body and for this how you are making decisions in life and how you perceive reality.

  • childhood neglect
  • life threatening events
  • natural disasters
  • system-induced trauma
  • violence
  • war/terrorism
  • bullying
  • death of a loved one
  • abuse in any form (spiritual, mental, emotional or physical)
  • forced displacement
  • generational trauma
  • medical trauma
  • combat situations

Are you still feeling that old situations are overpowering you or hold you back from making more self-aligned choices today? In that case, we can see if there are related emotions stored in your energy body that are ready to be released. Even if any trapped emotions are contributing to physical health issues, you are experiencing.

So if you feel

you can't move on from hurtful relationships or past experiences,
shut off or disconnected,

overreactive in your behavior,
challenged to give and receive love,

you need a different perspective in your life
or want to bring more harmonious flow into your entire energy field,
especially in and around your HEART Center, than one of these Sessions might be for you.


I think it is at least worth a TRY to see if we can create forward movement for you!



Depending on your personal issue and or challenge WE

  • create space for acknowledgement of your current situation and the challenges you are facing
  • identify specific people, places or things that might influence your current challenge and release energetic cords or attachments to be more in your own energy and step further into your personal power
  • look at and discuss your own contribution to the overall situation
  • identify and release stuck emotions that hinder your personal progress, contribute to your experienced imbalance and might affect your overall well-being
  • release blockages in and around the heart area to feel more loving and compassionate towards yourself and others
  • look at possible changes that need to be initiated and done to improve your situation in the physical 



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This is one Heart Healing Session where we address specifically blockages in and around your heart area.  
It includes: 
1x 30-40min Long Distance Energy Healing Session (remote) and 1x 30min Follow Up Call via Zoom or phone (depending on location).


PRICE: Session is currently free or donation-based while I am getting certified as an Emotion Code Practioner.  Contact me via Booking Button.


Eckhardt Tolle, Schmerzkörper, Pain Body, Trauma, Energie Healing, Soul Retrieval, Energiearbeit, Seelenarbeit, Carina, soulfulcircle, Emotion Code, Heart Wall

This is one Emotional Reset Session where we address and release trapped emotions from your energy body.  We track what aspects from the past still hold you back and contribute to your current challenge and move the found emotions gently out off your system.

It includes: 
1x 30-40min Long Distance Energy Healing Session (remote) and 1x 30min Follow Up Coaching Call via Zoom or phone.


PRICE: Session is currently free or donation-based while I am getting certified as an Emotion Code Practioner.  Contact me via Booking Button.

If you want to know more why it is so crucial to address these trapped emotions, especially around the heart, please read my Blog Post about "Why our HEART matters more than you THINK ..."! If you are still hesitating, maybe some Testimonials will help you with your decision.

Much Love to YOU!



The Energy Healing part of the Packages is remote energy healing. I will be connecting with you during a time we agree upon. During this time, you need to be in a comfortable and relaxed state. There is no voice communication during this time. They are not in-person!


  1. By booking this service, you have read and approved of the disclaimer.
  2. Once you have paid for a session, please email me with the following information: full name, birth date/age, current location/time zone, specific theme, issue that you are struggling with and time of preference within my availablility.
  3. With foreign (not from Europe) clients like the USA, I prefer working with you for the Healing Session during your sleeping time. You, therefore, only need to make room for the coaching call. This leaves my schedule open for 1:1 Coaching Sessions later in my day due to time difference and gives you a good night sleep. Thank you! We use ZOOM for the Follow Up Calls.
  4. A special note: We work with energy; be mindful that changes may already begin as you make your booking.


If you still have any questions that haven’t been answered here, please write me an email before booking!