My soulfulservice to You

I am supporting fellow travelers in their courageous journey of reclaiming their personal power and living their truth. I invite those to work with me that are pure of heart, looking for a different perspective on life, for spiritual growth and higher emotional grounds. For this to achieve, I offer different kinds of services. Please only take what resonates with you the most and keep in mind, you are the one that needs to have the willpower to make the necessary changes that are knocking at your door. I am here to give you a different perspective along with supportive tools to move forward and a safe space for further self-exploration and understanding. 


I am excited about a soulful connection and to go on a journey of change together!

Change happens through a rise in consciousness. Without greater awareness we are incapable to make changes for the better.

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Heart Wall Session
(consiting of: 30min Session via Zoom)

Price: 50€



Emotion Code Session
(consisting of: 30min session via Zoom)

Price: 50€

Intuitive Wellness & Lifestyle Assessment for people with dermatits
(consisting of: 60Min Coaching and an Emotion Code Session via Zoom)

Price: 90€

 Intuitive Wellness Check & Coaching
(Soul Guidance Session)

(consiting of: 60min Coaching via Zoom)

Price: 90€