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You want to have and leave a positive impact in the world, but maybe it is not you who has the creative ideas, the time, or the practical knowledge to bring life-altering, healing, and earth-loving projects into flourishing?! Or maybe just not yet?


I can say with great certainty that through your devotion and dedication to commit to your own healing and inner work you already make a difference. Your intention to choose better when you know better and your daily actions to treat the earth, the animals, and humans with more kindness, respect, and compassion already brings in the change. This is well appreciated and acknowledged! And I want to thank you for every step you take on this journey.


If you want to go beyond and have the resources to support influencers and entrepreneurs, especially at this pivotal time we find ourselves in, to accelerate their work that you feel connected with or love - I know every donation is much appreciated. Nothing is stopping you, but a couple mouse clicks away to help birth new ideas, new structures, solutions into existence that uplift and uplevel humanity and help us grow into a brighter future.


Donation-based support can help to give those a chance who really want and make a difference in this world. To become change agents and leaders of the NEW EARTH, that is just waiting for us to finally be created.


I see this time of crisis or upheaval as a window of opportunity for humanity.


Inviting us to begin to realign with our true nature. To reconnect with the things that matter to us the most, to go back to basics and recreate structures for ourselves that are life-giving, support our health and overall well-being, bring more joy, happiness, and freedom into our lives. Projects that assist humans in realigning with their own heart and soul to bring this planet back into balance.

If you like my work and would love to support and accelerate the process of bringing my Passion Projects into reality I am more than grateful for cheering me on with a HEARTFELT DONATION of any kind!


NOTE: Every donation above 10€ will receive a copy of my E-Book The Conscious Eating Evolution once it has made it to its finish line. If your Email differs from the one of your paypal account, please leave a note in the comment section when donating. Thank you!

NOTE!!!: If you have donated anything until the 28th of May 2020, please contact me via contact form!!!
My Mailaccounts have been hacked during the course of May and I currently have no sight on how far this manipulation has affected my work and other accounts I own. (Stated: 28th of May 2020).
I am sorry and thank you for reaching out!

Short Term Projects


Support the Creation of my Conscious Eating Evolution E-Book that is already half-finished! This book is a practical guide to support you in making healthier food choices daily. It includes my knowledge and my own teachings in and around Conscious Eating for more well-being and my most favorite self-created recipes. 

Status September 2020: In the making. Estimated launch 3-6 months.


Support the Creation of my FREE GUIDE on Common Mistakes and Obstacles along the Healing Journey. This is a brief overview of Common Mistakes and Obstacles that sabotage the process to heal or create well-being within our lives. These insights stem from my own healing journey from severe dermatitis and other personal struggles, my experience with clients, the alternative healing communities, and through people I have met over time. It is applicable if you have health issues or just want to improve your overall well-being. This will be accessible through subscribing to my Newsletter.

Status September 2020: In the making. Estimated launch 3-5 months.

Long Term Projects & Endeavours


This is my personal playground, where I would love to share more of my story, give inspirations and uplift and uplevel humanity with messages from behind the veil. A place where I can promote HEALING, HEALTH, and more LOVE and COMPASSION in this world and connect with you on a deeper level.


My desire is to help people to heal from times of adversity and trauma that don't have the funds to receive the support they need. My aim is to collaborate with a professional organization that aids abused children, men, and women in need to move out and away from their devastating circumstances and restart their life. In service to those in need, I donate my Long Distance Energy Healing Sessions that are designed to release trapped emotions and blockages from the energy field and retrieve lost soul aspects that were caused by experienced trauma. More info will follow once the collaboration is set.

This PAGE is my Magic Wand :). Manifestation begins from bringing your Vision out of your head into the physical. Writing them down is one of the first steps to get started on this beautiful journey of co-creation!
So, join me and use YOUR own!

Much LOVE and LIGHT to YOU!

PLEASE NOTE: I have no interest in Sponsorship. My aim is to stay independent from outside agendas and influences to keep my creations aligned with my values. By respecting this intention, you save both sides time, effort, and energy. Thank you so much!