2020 felt like a complete failure to me. Nothing I intended came to fruition. I think I  failed in my work area even though the year started with a beautiful opportunity. I had to face many personal challenges. It felt like the world was against me. Too much stress landed on my plate that I could no longer keep up with what I intended to create. I went into survival mode. Life felt at the end of the year like a complete nightmare. I moved through what some might call “the dark night of the soul”. Even though the year itself had its downfalls, I pushed through them with having an eye on the brighter side of life. I somehow seemed to manage to stand up over and over again. But at some point, I lost the ability along the way, and everything became not only too much but ended up in complete physical exhaustion. I landed in the hospital and had a long way to regenerate. Today I feel much better, but still, carry some symptoms with me from the past.


But even during this dark time, something new wanted to arise that was of and from the light. I found a new muse that brought some of the healing I needed. ART became my new ally. Vivid and colorful paintings came through.

I would call it a gift from heaven. A new door opened, a new form of medicine came through. The color, the paint, the quiet time with the canvas brought life back into my world. I wonder how this much darkness can still hold so much light and color simultaneously, as each one of my paintings became bright and sunny.


Today I want to share some of these paintings with you.

I am still on my healing journey. Digesting the year 2020 and partially even the beginning of 2021. I have days I feel normal again, me again and others feeling totally out of alignment, tired, overburdened with the things that I used to do with ease.

Yet, I do believe time will give me the healing that I need. I am doing my best with the skillset I have to get back on my own two feet. It seems like a prolonged movement. But maybe slow and steady wins the race?


I don’t know much about art.

But I understand and see art - creation as an extension of self. The resonance and frequency of your own soul come into form, are given a space of self-expression. So every artistic form you bring into this world is a part of creation.

Maybe my art, my form of creation, might as well bring some healing for you.


 If not, it will at least add more color to your life.

If you are interested in a piece of mine, contact me via contact form. I as well might have some prints available in the future, please stay tuned.