Share your Visions and I share mine

I deeply believe we are all here to birth something incredible NEW into this world. Something that you might have thought would be impossible to achieve, to create or for some even to imagine. But there never is and never was anything that couldn't be created. If you can imagine it, if you can feel how this "THING" that you can see in your wildest dreams feels like, it can be created, sometimes it just takes time. Sometimes even a couple more lifetimes of practice or to be accomplished.


But the time for NEW CREATION is NOW.

And it has never been a better time to go for it than now!


The magic begins when you want to bring it from a vision into form, this is the moment where the co-creational process between you and the universe starts to happen. If you take two steps, the universe will meet you with five or more. This path sometimes doesn't look or feels like forward movement, there might be bricks and blocks thrown into your way, not by the universe to punish or demean you, just because of the vibrational frequency that is still active in and around you. So if you change your perspective, these bricks, walls, or blocks are not there to push you down but help you to see what is still clouding your vision. What program is still running the show to limit your full soul's expression?

I tell you: What you want, wants you!

But you don't get what you want, but who you are. This is often muddled up because when you don't know who you truly are, you receive and attract what you think you are. Knowingly and unknowingly. And our distractive and distortive thoughts, such as the subconscious conditioning, often get in the way to even get the momentum going in the direction that we would like to open up for us. Until you have become who you really are, vibrating at your own resonance and frequency, the door remains closed or only half open to create in and from your highest form and capacity. Drawing in the things you truly desire.

From day to day, I remember more of who I am and what I came here to do. I fell into a deep sleep, like so many of us and went through my own metamorphosis. When consciousness has lost itself in its own consciousness, it needs an inception from an outside source to trigger a deeper remembering within. Something in the sky sent it my way, I can not tell you what it was and when it happened, but I for sure heard and followed the call and went on the fools journey. A journey into the unknown. Not knowing what I was really going for, but hearing the call and jumping off the cliff ... truly it was the returning to my own SELF. And I feel I finally found it.

As I now share my words and visions, I know it will ignite a spark in some of you, to begin to see the unseen, to start to believe in the impossible yet inevitable, to open up to remember.

We can begin small and work our way up to first learn and fine-tune our own skills, to gain the confidence which is nothing but courage, knowing the fears and doing it anyway, to move towards what we want and begin to create the things we can envision. You choose your speed, but never lack to acknowledge where you are. It is where you are supposed to be.

A vision is something different from the now moment. Otherwise, we wouldn't call it vision but reality. Reality understood as the dense physical form. From my perspective, though, a vision is just a different spectrum of reality, it is more ethereal and, therefore, not unreal but existent.

This is what is meant by people saying: To manifest, you need to live as if it is already there. The physical realm is just catching up to what is already in the higher realms. It is a slowdown. Otherwise, things could get quite chaotic here on earth, and honestly, life would be pretty dull if we didn't have a path of unfoldment. This is where beautiful or challenging stories are born, that later can be told to inspire from your life experience.

Someone holding a vision for us can be one of the greatest gifts. They might believe in something, that we yet might not believe in. The REASONS why we might not be able to see it can be bountiful. They might see a potential within us that some might yet not be able to see or envision for themselves. They can trigger a remembering, ignite a spark that we might have thought was lost or never even there.

Each one of us carries a unique gift, maybe even a few more that is just waiting to be acknowledged and used to create a bigger, better, brighter world. A world that you might not have been able to envision for quite some time.


CREATION is the ability to ground a vision into physicality. To make it an experience, something tangible and not just leave it as an idea or a thought in the ethers.

So I want to ask YOU:
What is your passion?
What are you fired up about?
What are you burning for?
What is bringing joy into your life?
Where are you willing to go the extra mile because you feel the beating force within to fulfill what your heart is calling you out to do?

If you say, there is nothing ... I tell you, you just haven't found what it is that you are passionate about. If you can't find it, let it find you! It is the moment when your eyes start to sparkle and shine, your cheeks begin to blush, and your heart begins to race, you don't think about talking it just flows through, or you naturally dance its rhythm and beat with lightheartedness. It is the thing that is most sacred to you. It often is the vision that you would like to leave underneath your pillow, because who are you to share these wildest dreams? How dare you? Who do you think you are? But I tell you to screw the nay sayers and those that say that you are a DREAMER and should come back to "REALITY".

DREAMING is one of the most precious gifts we have been given. It is one important aspect of our creational power as human beings. If you can't dream, imagine or envision you can't create something different from what you might experience in the present or have lived through in the past, but will rinse and repeat. Do you want that? Then great! But if you don't, you better get your vision board out, hop on the train that is waiting for you and begin creating the NEW EARTH with us, because that is what we are all called to do. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but NOW.

To bring through your soul's expression in its purest form, no filter. A place where you can experience pure joy and bliss and melt with the universal energies into no time and space.

I want you to be more to go for more. To go for bigger, brighter, and better than what you think you could have been. Imagine yourself in your most beautiful robes (metaphorically or literally) that express who you would want to be. What attributes does this person carry? What are the things that this person would do day in and day out? DREAM ABOUT IT. Imagine it, feel it and then go for it.

Not by what society has told you to do, the so called shoulds. But from the call that comes from within. Not by what family and friends tell you, the images they give you about you, but by what is unique to you, because your blueprint only exists once in the entirety of this universe. Pretty neat, huh? So whatever you do can't be done by anyone else. It will always carry your unique vibration and energy.

I feel called to hold this vision for you until you can hold it for yourself.  It is an invitation for you to go inside an search for your own answers ♥️. In the meantime, I share my visions and dreams with you, small and bigger :).

I hope you have used the CORONA TIMEOUT wisely.
It was a call to STOP, to REFLECT, and to GO WITHIN.

What matters truly, what doesn't?

And begin to envision and create from this new place of enlightenment.

I took my time to receive the answers I was searching for for a long time. NOT my Passion Projects were born out of them, but the final SHIT got cleaned out that was still in the way from creating them in the first place. Halleluja!

If you want to speed up my creational process and bring my PASSION PROJECTS into matter, because you would like to make use of them in the future, you just love the ideas or think they would benefit the world. You are graciously invited to DONATE to make them happen! I will thank you every step along the way.