A GIFT comes with my Beety-Berry-Bang!
RECIPES · 09. January 2023
Get yourself not only a little immune booster, but also a free copy of my E-book "The Conscious Eating Evolution".

Herbalized Asparagus on Rye Bread
RECIPES · 16. June 2021
Enjoy this quick and hearty summer meal - herbalized asparagus on rye bread.

RECIPES · 06. February 2020
What a beautiful flower bouquets 😉 One that really makes me happy! As I am currently living in the sun, I was desperate that I would have to live through all these winter months without kale on my plate – which I LOVE for my Salads. It is interesting that in Germany they usually only produce and sell it in the winter, I know from my time in the U.S. though that you can get it all year round which always excites me when I visit.

Buckwheat-Pancakes with Berry Nice Cream
RECIPES · 09. September 2019
Pancakes with Berry Nice Cream - vegan, gluten, sugar & oil- free!

RECIPES · 16. June 2019
A fresh, light and energizing Summer Salad