RECIPES · 06. February 2020
What a beautiful flower bouquets 😉 One that really makes me happy! As I am currently living in the sun, I was desperate that I would have to live through all these winter months without kale on my plate – which I LOVE for my Salads. It is interesting that in Germany they usually only produce and sell it in the winter, I know from my time in the U.S. though that you can get it all year round which always excites me when I visit.

23. January 2020
This blog post emphasizes why addressing the matters of the heart is crucial within our own healing journey and what to let go of to live life with a liberated heart!

31. December 2019
We Welcome in a New Decade and Let go of the Last One, this profound shift calls us to get raw and real with ourselves. To review the past and take a look into our future - to get clear on what we want to release and commit to create. And we create a sacred honoring ritual around this beautiful moment of inbetween.

Buckwheat-Pancakes with Berry Nice Cream
RECIPES · 09. September 2019
Pancakes with Berry Nice Cream - vegan, gluten, sugar & oil- free!

28. July 2019
NEW Galactic Year and Cycle Where do you want to go and grow?!
30. June 2019
Choose the FOODS that love you back! Struggeling with your health, especially with skin issues? This might be worth a read. We go way deeper than just talking about what food you might need to let go of for a while

RECIPES · 16. June 2019
A fresh, light and energizing Summer Salad