Using your love crisis to find yourself

Watch the video to learn about my work but also why I might be the one that really can be of service to you.

  • YOU find yourself in a third party situation or are about to get involved with one?
  • YOU have cheated on your partner or have been cheated on?
  • YOU feel challenged by love as love isn't returning where you invested it in?
  • YOU are in a relationship and feeling the need to let go but don't understand why?
  • YOUR heart is still broken from a past relationship and you need closure?

I really would love to help and assit you to make the healthiest choices for yourself and those who may be involved. Relationships are often created or lived without the full spectrum of openness and deep connection, to really come from a place of honesty so needs can be met. We sometimes stay where things might be toxic or we have outgrown them. We stay because we have once committed to it or don't leave because of fear - fear of the unknown, fear to hurt the other or making the "wrong" decision. Sometimes we don't see the love when it is given to us. Sometimes we don't know how love really looks or feels like, because of how we have learned about and experienced love through our past and parents. We find ourselves in situations like those named above - are confused, challenged, embarrassed - we create dramas or scenarios that are not necessarily needed when we understand what is really going on.

I am here to help you to understand the patterns that are at play and support you to grow a healthier relationship with yourself, so you can build healthier relationships with others - may this look like reigniting the old ones or leaving those behind and prepare for the new.

You yourself and no other will know what is right for you! I assist you in learning to hear and listen to your inner voice with compassion and acknowledgement. Supporting you in taking the steps that you want to take.


this is what we will be working on and learning about:

  • using this crisis to find yourself
  • knowing your own desires
  • finding the core elements that your soul is aiming for
  • healing guilt, shame or pain that has been caused through your experience
  • getting rid of illusions and projections, facing the truth
  • unlocking your blockages to love
  • building self-love
  • clarity on your current or past relationships
  • stepping into responsibility and learning what is yours and where it ends
  • stepping out off the hamster wheel
  • learning how to communicate with compassion for yourself and others
  • creating movement, because without movement there will be no change
  • building up the strength to make healthy changes for yourself and all involved

1,5h Coaching Session

This is a one time coaching session to address your current situation and find solutions to move forward, to illuminate where responsibilites need to be taken, compassion to be integrated and self-love practice be deepend.

180,00 €

  • Available


This is a coaching package where we address your current situation and find solutions to move forward, see where responsibilities need to be taken and to learn more compassion for yourself and those involved. All my work narrows back down to the practice of self-love and to learn and practice what it really means. After our first session you schedule the rest of the sessions when needed, so we work with the wind of change.

555,00 €

  • Available