The Conscious Eating Evolution Series is a project dear to my heart and my personal gift and contribution to humanities evolution in consciousness and healing. And of course my love for and service to GAIA!

As my personal awakening and transformation to more health and healing began with the change in my eating habits, I now want to share about the power of food and how our relationship to food affects our overall health and the "health" of this magnificent planet. It is a powerful force for change and transformation if you so choose!

This is why I interviewed 20+ Experts on "THE CONSCIOUS EATING EVOLUTION - how to eat to improve your health, empower your spirit and thrive with the planet", so you have all the information together to become an empowered and conscious eater yourself!


It is time for us to stop dieting and looking for the short fix.
It is time for us to find and open up to sustainable and holistic solutions.
It is time for us to reclaim our personal power, to create health for ourselves and to bring this planet back into balance.
It is time for us to evolve into a more conscious human being!


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This FREE Online Series was released from May 5th-30th 2019

GOOD NEWS: In May of 2019 the time was limited to watch The Conscious Eating Evolution Series. Due to the importance of the topic, I decided instead of selling the Series afterward to now make it freely available to everyone - unlimited! So if you have missed out on the Series in May, you now have access to the Interviews via YouTube. Every Thursday until December 2019 a "new" Interview will be released.


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With abundant LOVE and LIGHT