Spiritual Guidance

This is a full spectrum service I offer for people that are in crisis, moving through challenging times or are feeling stuck in a situation they want to leave. We really look at what is your major issue that is blocking your personal growth. We work here on multiple levels to move you through the change that your soul is calling you out for. This includes energetic stabilisation and cleansing, intentional and prayer work such as counseling.


The price for this soulfulservice is 555€ as it includes an initial inventory of your situation, about two counseling hours and the necessary energy, intentional and prayer work. As I work with spirit, I trust in the process that we will be guided through this in the appropriate timeframe and intensity that are an equal share for both parties. After the beginning of our work things will line up for you in divine timing, that are asking you to make the proper adjustments we have been working towards. I stand right at your side to support you to move through this. As when this will happen is out of our reach unless we are pushed to initiate, the service might last from a couple days to a month. We will both know when it is time to part again.


This kind of service is not for everyone as it requests trust in and respect of my work such as courage to make the necessary changes to achieve higher grounds to stand on. You will know if your soul is calling you to work with me.

If you want to book this service with me, write me an email with your matter at hello[at]soulfulcircle.org and I will check in with spirit if we are a good fit. If we agree, I will support you with the necessary payment information and let you know how we will begin the process.


Thank you for your trust.