Soul Reclammation

This work is precious to me. I am filled with honor to have the allowance to do this beautiful work with you if you so choose. This is a deep connection from SOUL to SOUL as I open up the unified heart-field between the two of us and let the divine energies flow and work through me. We all have the connection to the divine, as we are divine - we have just forgotten that we are. We are a SOUL having a human experience and not the other way around.

Life itself is our teacher, we feel, learn and grow while we exist in physical form. Sometimes certain experiences are or were to intense for us to handle and as a self-defense mechanism our ego shut us off as a form of self-protection. A form of protection that used to help us in that very moment, but for today keeps us stuck in the past as the emotions haven't been fully processed.
Traumatic life experiences can not only lead to a closing of the heart chakra and an imbalance within the chakra system, but also leading to loosing a part of your soul. Sometimes even the connection to the soul at all. Our soul is the most precious "thing" we have. It is our compass, our guidance system as it shows us the way of what we truely desire and feel. It doesn't lie, whatever you feel is valuable and needs to be acknowledged - free from any form of judgement. Our heart is our gateway to our soul, so that is where our journey begins - to help you to get back in contact with your navigation system. I open up a sacred space for you - to feel again, to feel you, the spark, the light within you, your true essence. During this session we connect to your SOUL and see what needs to be replenished. We dive in to the deep waters of what your next healing step looks and feels like on your personal path towards wholeness.


This beautiful service takes about one and a half to two hours and is energetically balanced through the payment of 132€.