Programm "Conscious Eating"

This is a transformative programm for those who are ready to change their eating habits for their personal and therefore as well for the collective good. It gives you a holistic overview on why your food choices matter and gives practical advice in what foods to eat, how to reprogramm certain beliefs about food, how to transform your habits and stay committed to your chosen path.
It is a 7 week adventure, that supports you in building up healthy eating habits for yourself, detoxing and resetting your physical body. In the first two weeks we move through a transition phase where you are introduced into the conscious eating movement and are able to build up a solid foundation for the upcoming weeks. After the second week, follows a 4 week alkaline cure to support your body to increasingly release toxins and resetting your system to a healthy operating state. In week 7 we slowley move into establishing a whole foods plant based diet. From there on you are ready to walk the further path on your own.

The whole programm is a self-learning online course, so you can move through the material and the transformation in your own pace. You have lifelong access to the material and are provided with delicious recepies that nourish your body, mind and soul.

what is included

  • a 7 week adventure to create a healthier version of yourself
    • including 2 weeks of preperation
    • a 4 week alkaline fast
    • 1 week of establishing the new normal habit
  • Lifetime access to ... video recordings ranging from 20-40 min. The video content is pre-recorded, so you can go at your own pace and rewatch whenever needed
  • four 60-min Discuss and Process Calls via Zoom with Carina
  • A 14-day meal plan for the 4 week fast
  • more than 40 recepies to prepare your meals
  • a basic supplement package for supporting detoxification and nourishment

We created this programm not only for support in your physical health, it gives a holistic perspective on the need