I am an infinite being on a journey of further growth and enlightenment, to discover and embody the true essence of who I am. I value the attributes of truth, authenticity, and compassion. I am here to break the fears, the worries, the doubts, the boundaries and limitations that I have created over the past years in this physical experience, some even lifetimes before. I am here to move towards love and compassion for myself and others. I am here to question how we think, how we live, how we create. To challenge what we believe in and to support the process of bringing forth who we truly are - unique in each way, fallen from heaven to find our way back to unity and love for self and others.

I am here (and so are you) to create the world we so desperately seek on a soul level - heaven on earth.


I am an earth lover. I care about her. I see myself as a speaker for her - to translate the hidden language that she speaks. I am here to remind us about our connection to her, her grace, her abundance, and the importance she plays within all our lives. She is a creative source that creates in so much wonder and Ah. And so can you.


I am Carina and hope to walk this path with you. I felt the drive to finally begin, to share my story, my knowledge, my insight. I don't have all the answers, and I finally know, I don't need to. I am still seeking, transforming, changing, and I probably always will be. But maybe I have a few, a few that might help one or another, or touch some on a deeper level.


My own health crisis was the starting point to look for a deeper meaning of life, to reconnect with aspects of myself that I wasn't even aware existed. I suffered from severe dermatitis for many years and had my most significant breakout in the year of 2012. Now looking back, I can say, it was the initiation to finally choose a new path for myself and the beginning of my spiritual awakening. I slowly began a journey of self-discovery and devoted myself to finding the root causes of my suffering. 

I opened myself up for "alternative" healing modalities and medicine and started my personal transformation to more health and healing with the change in my eating habits. Food was the first practical step to begin to take care of myself. But I had to learn that what we eat is only one aspect that needs to be aligned with healing holistically.


I had to change, shift and let go off many more things in my life: relationships, thoughts, concepts and ideals, beliefs, habits, my environment, confronting many fears, illusions, and deceit. I started to shed the layers that hold us back to live fully aligned with our own resonance. Growing through the darkest moments of my life to uncover and unlock the biggest healer of all - the reconnection to our own soul and source energy.


Many of us are walking around wounded without even knowing that we are broken to the core. Being trapped in old timelines through traumatic events and experiences, controlled by the ego and disconnected from our inner world. We search for everything outside of us, yet the answer lies within.


Now, I am breaking my next biggest fear: aligning with my soul's calling to assist and serve others on their healing and ascension journey. I am here to help those who are ready to commit to their own healing and growth, to be in touch and realign with their soul. This path is not easy, but the most gratifying one, one will ever take!


It is the beginning point of creating a NEW EARTH for all of us, positive change and peace start within …


I am more in touch with myself than I was ever before.

This feels freaking awesome, and I want you to feel it too.


You are loved.

Thank you for stopping by.

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I have a dream
where everyone feels their worth and being loved, so there is no need for jealousy and falsehood

I have a dream
where we live according to our true values and harm will no longer be done

I have a dream
where all wounds are healed and vibrant health is the new normal

I have a dream
where our water, air and food supplies are pristine and we live in harmony with the elementals

I have a dream
where we know that we are brothers and sisters, embracing what makes us different from one another and reunite in love and peace

I have a dream
where we honor and respect Earth as a galactic sovereign free being which allows us to experience life in human form

I have a dream
where we embrace and peacefully coexist with other star nations and the hidden truths are finally revealed

I have a dream
where compassion and collaboration is more important than being right

I have a dream
where we live in abundance and prosperity, where lack is unknown to us

I have a dream
where fear can no longer exist as the presence of light has found its true power

I have a dream
where we finally have left the matrix, sitting in the arms of god, remembering and owning who we truly are

I have a dream
where heaven on earth is eventually created through us

I have a dream

where it is no longer a dream, but the existing paradigm we live in

So be it and so it is!