Everything in this universe is energy.
 Even the most solid parts of our human experience consist of energy, just vibrating at a different frequency: the denser, the lower the frequency, and the slower the vibration. 


Emotions also carry a specific frequency. While feelings of joy, love, and passion keep us at a higher frequency, shame, guilt, or despair keep us stuck on lower vibrational timelines. 


Unprocessed emotions from the past can get trapped in our energy body. Dr. Bradley Nelson calls them trapped emotions, whereas Eckhardt Tolle classifies them as the pain body.


These trapped emotions that have accumulated in your energy body can “manipulate” your current life experience. They can dominate our life in living more from a reactive instead of a responsive mode. We often filter our current life situation, what we experience now, through these trapped emotions and the mental conditioning (ego) that evolved from an experience we had in the past. Instead of being open and able to see what the now is presenting, we wear foggy glasses. We don’t have clear sight, which makes life more challenging & sometimes even dramatic where it doesn’t need to be.


While I am currently getting certified as an Emotion Code Practioner, I offer a limited amount of free or donation-based Energy Healing Sessions to release trapped emotions from your body.

“The Emotion Code is designed to help [us] alleviate physical discomfort, ease emotional wounds, and restore love to relationships.”

During one Session, we can address one of the following topics:

  • Challenges around love
  • Hampered ability to give and receive love
  • Address physical symptoms/imbalances like shoulder pain, neck pain, chest pain, lowered immunity …
  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Phobias
  • The Heart Wall

These Sessions are Long Distance Energy Healing Sessions.

Please book your Session right here and follow the instructions below:


  1. By booking a Session you agree to the disclaimer.
  2. After saving your spot, please send me the following information: your full name, age, foto, scheduled time and theme you want to address.
  3. We will meet 1-on-1 at the scheduled time via Zoom . The Session will take about 40min - 1hour. 
  4. Please be aware that you might need some time for integration. Sometimes there is an echo of the emotions that are released.

For further Information on the Emotion Code: