Why our HEART matters more than you THINK ...

Today’s blog post means a lot to me, as I think it is vital within our own healing journey to address the MATTERS of the HEART! When we begin to listen and take good care of what is alive in us, what the heart is telling us, we start to align with the truth for our own lives and open up to a new rhythm that is calling us to live by. It might be scary in the beginning, bumpy in the middle, but fulfilling at the end.

Have you checked in with your heart today? What does it have to say? What does it want you to hear? Take a PAUSE and listen quietly, just for a moment. Give it your full attention! And then continue to read! 😉


We create worlds through our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions.


When we use our heart as our main creational power center, we create from LOVE, not from FEAR. It opens up worlds of connection instead of separation. It is a unifying force that we carry within.


We can radiate out love through our hearts without having to share a word or an action, and the people will feel your presence as one of safety and comfort, maybe as warm and fuzzy and welcoming.


When we shut down our hearts, build a wall around it, our life can feel cumbersome, tiring, disconnected, it can hold us back from being able to create real intimacy and connection with another. To open up to feel deeply.

From a biological perspective, the primary function of our heart is to pump blood through a network of vessels and to distribute oxygen and nutrients to the cells. It as well helps dispose of metabolic waste. Our heart is a central part of our circulatory system, if not one of the essential organs within our bodies. The heart is our first organ that develops as we grow within the womb. The brain and gut build afterward in the later developmental stages of the embryo. Feeling is our first sensory perception.


In spiritual teachings, the heart is called the gateway to our soul. It is the entry point to higher forms and states of awareness, and from the perspective of Ascension, the threshold we need to pass through to evolve from a 3-D into a 5-D consciousness. We can transcend our lower mind (the ego, the instinctual mind and pain body) through reconnecting with our higher mind, which begins from the heart – it is where we start to lead from LOVE instead of FEAR.


Love is the frequency from which harmonious worlds are born.


Take a brief look at the world for a moment. I guess we all have some heart healing to do.


If our heart is still affected by painful experiences from the past, we might be limited, experiencing life to its fullest in the now.


Here are some indicators that your heart might be blocked:

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  • Challenges around love language, bringing your messages across
  • Hampered ability to give and receive love
  • Physical symptoms like shoulder pain, neck pain, chest pain or lowered immunity
  • Blockages around abundance, interference with your success
  • A tendency to depression
  • Lack of purpose/ direction in life



How many people are diagnosed with heart disease or are even dying through a heart attack every year? Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death globally and according to the WHO one third of those who die through stroke or heart attack are dying prematurely. Yes, as diet plays a humungous role with our heart-health. I feel though that it is our disconnection from our heart, our wants, and needs (not in a selfish but self-loving way), our desires, our feelings that are at least just as a contributing factor if not even more.


We might have heard don’t be so sensitive during childhood and had to learn to toughen up. We might have felt strong feelings of rejection when we lived authentically in our childlike nature or have heard words that went like a sting into our hearts.


Maybe we might have experience heartbreak with a lover, perhaps even with a couple more, and we decided it is and will be safer to protect ourselves from further harm.


If we lived through a challenging childhood, we might not have been able to fully develop a healthy connection to ourselves and the world around us, with its effects still weighing upon us today. We might be able to see this in not knowing our own wants and needs or a lack of knowledge on how to build intimate and safe relationships.


All these challenging experiences and negative assumptions about ourselves and the world can accumulate over time and become a heavy burden. We begin to build an invisible wall around our heart – a form of protection. During some of my healing sessions, I have seen the heart wall as piles of stones, a metal grid over the chest, or even a full black hole. A place where I couldn’t find and see the heart anymore, although the person was loving, kind, and caring, their sense of feeling became restricted.


We can cut ourselves off from our feelings because the pain was just too much.


These images are metaphors from the invisible realm giving us insight, a different perspective on how the past has influenced our life and what we might experience here in our world today. It is the energetic imprint that people carry from the experiences of the past, their accumulated thought patterns, and emotions.


Some of these images are layers of trapped emotions, that we still hold on to, that we couldn’t process, let go off, or release. Sometimes they are not even ours. We have taken on other people’s burdens or even inherited some stuck emotions from our ancestors. They live their own life within our energy field – yet influence our mind, our feelings, and our decisions every day.


How much longer do we want to give them the power over our lives?
How much longer do we want to hold on to these burdens?


We try to press through and try to endure the pressure of life. How long do we want to run in survival mode? To push through, to cover up, to hide, to close or shut down? Instead, to breathe and open up? And come back down to the terms that really matter.


We are pushing through life by doing, doing, doing rather than taking a PAUSE, and seeing what is really going on. We have lost our ability to interact with the natural flow of life and work with the natural forces that govern this universe. The innate intelligence of the heart shows us (as you don’t need to tell the heart when to pump and where to bring the oxygen and nutrients to), that everything works harmoniously together if we provide a supportive environment for it to flourish and function. It is innately there, just like the acorn knows how to grow into a healthy, resilient oak tree if it has its proper conditions to grow.


We just have been conditioned that we don’t know ….


Our inner guide is the heart, the authentic self, where we can begin to access our soul’s wisdom. It is a part within us that carries the truth for our own life. What we want who we are. If we shut this aspect out, lock it, or protect it with a panzer shield, we not only miss out on life, we begin to deny our own self.


Let’s open the door to a liberated heart, a heart that can sing and speak its language without the fear of being judged or broken again.


It will not only change your world but begin to change this entire planet.


To make you heart sing and allow it to speak its own language, I have a Special Offer for you!