Goodbye and Hello - Honor the PAST and Invite the NEW

We are about to close the year 2019, and I would love to invite you to carve out a little bit of time for yourself if you haven’t already done so. We are not only closing a year but an entire DECADE. Yep, a ten-year cycle! That is HUGE!

So, my invitation to you is to give these 10 years their honor and respect, that I think they deserve. 😊 And get raw and real about your dreams for the next 10 years!

But before we get to far into dreaming about these next years and thinking about our goals for 2020 and beyond I would love you to do sth else first.


I feel it is important to first accept and acknowledge and then to let go and move on into the new.

For new things to open up, to arise, to come in, we need to let go of some old stuff, make room, and say (finally) goodbye to the past. Let’s review the past ten years, give acknowledgment and gratitude to their lessons, the experiences, the growth, the expansion, and changes they brought into our life.

Pretty and ugly.

Pleasant and unpleasant.

Joyful and painful.

I invite you to join me today for a SACRED HONORING RITUAL. I whole-heartedly ask you to make room for this. You will thank me later 😉


Let's begin ...

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Take 30min to an hour for yourself - really carve out some time!

Take two pieces of paper (or more if you need) and a pen, two empty water glasses, and a bottle with pure water (ideally no plastic bottle but sth. that can hold about a liter of water). Sit down in a quiet space, light a candle if you wish, make it as sacred and comfortable, or as simple as you like. Prepare according to your needs, it should be a space where you have some time for reflection, where you feel safe to go back in time.

Now that you are comfortable, call in your guides, angels, benevolent forces of this universe, earth energies - whatever you believe in or feel you want to be supported by to create a protective and sacred container around you to perform the following ritual.


I would love you to think about:

  • What were some significant events?
  • People who entered or left your life?
  • People who journeyed with you?
  • Successes and downfalls?
  • Transformative experiences?
  • The most joyous and most painful moments.
  • Big or life-changing decisions?
  • Fears that held you back?
  • Fears that you overcame?
  • Love that entered your life (I don't necessarily mean a person here, but the frequency of love in general)?
  • What brought you here to this point of today?
  • What were your big learnings?!!!
  • From a higher perspective, is there a thread, is there a theme?


I invite you to think about all these questions and write your answers down in key points – events, people, feelings … let it flow, write until you feel empty until nothing is left that needs to be written out. It might be a page or pages for you.


When you are done, I want you to take one of the empty water glasses and place it on your written piece(s) of paper. Now fill this glass of water up till the top. While you are doing so, infuse it with the energies of your past (through your intention), these past 10years from 2010-2019. Let them flow from your piece of paper into the glass of water by imagination.


Now place one hand around the glass of water, you can let it sit on the counter on top of the piece of paper, place the other hand on your heart. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.


Now fill these 10 years with love and appreciation from your heart. Give thanks and gratitude to all the people, places and things that formed it into reality, which made it an experience. Joyful and unpleasant. Allow forgiveness to fill your heart:


For things you didn’t do

For things you did, but still hang on to the idea that you could have done differently

For missed opportunities,

For “false” decisions,

For hurtful encounters

Let go of anger, stubbornness and resentment breathe forgiveness in and out as much as you can.


Fill your heart with forgiveness and let go, release what no longer serves. Stay in this as long as it feels right for you until you feel peaceful and ready to move on.


When you feel ready to move forward, call in, and extract all the knowledge, love, growth, and life wisdom that came from these years and store them within your heart. Be grateful, know that this is yours to keep, stored within every cell of your body, your own treasure box.


Now take the glass and go outside, where you can connect with the earth ( If you don't have a yard a small piece of green in front of your house, just concrete, maybe you have a plant in your home that grows in soil, find your place). Make a brief connection with her and appreciate that she will take what you will release and transform it into new fertilizing grounds. Intentionally pour out half of the glass to release any attachment to the past, let go of this last decade. Keep the knowledge, the love, the wisdom, the growth that came with them in the water you hold on to, make a clean slate, find peace and gratitude for where you are now, right here between past and future, the central point, the point where our power exists. The only point where we can shape our future. The only point that is real.


Now let's move to the second part

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Now go back inside, place your half-filled glass back on your piece of paper. Take a new piece and write on top “2020 and beyond” … write everything  down as if it is so.


Depending on your time, you can go very specific here or more general.
I will describe two options down below.

  1.  The first one is to go more general.
  • With what energies do you want to infuse this next big cycle? What energies do you want to call in for support? What standards do you want to live by?
    Write down what is calling for you from your heart.

    My declaration of intention is ...

    ... to bring in …
    … allow me to …
    … to learn about …
    ... to experience …
  • Write down some essential experiences you want to have, like a 10-year bucket list. And choose those that you want to schedule in for 2020.
  • On top write down 1-3 major attributes/energies that you want to lead your life from in 2020!

    Why become clear about some key attributes that we want to live by in each and every moment? They can help us to become more present, to be more present where we are. To anker back into the now! For example: If my Intention is or one of the attributes that I want to live more by in 2020 is COMPASSION, than this is my anker in every conversation, every connection I have with others and the one with myself. It helps us to become more aware of where we fall into other patterns, like judgment and can bring us faster back into alignment.

    It is an anker that we can create for ourselves, which not only helps us to become more present but as well to align with higher virtues.

    There are many attributes you can choose from










Just to name a few.


2. The second one is if you love to go more specific and in depth.
Create your next highest vision for these next ten years, 5 years, 1 year from now. Who do you want to become? Attributes you want to live by? Things you want to create? Take a look into your future and then come back to the now. Become honest with yourself and think about the changes you have to begin to make from now on to line up with this trajectory, would you be willing to make them? GET REAL and be honest with yourself.


Write down or draw this next higher version of you. Write down everything that arises here for you that fills your heart with joy and expansion – they may be small or big. You can go as deep as you want. It is up to you! Imagine without the box of limitation.


NOTE: If you chose the second one, I would invite you over the next couple days or even while you are doing the exercise, to become real with yourself and break this bigger vision down for 2020 and then what would this mean daily for you? What sacrifices will you have to make for this? What habits do you have to change today to move into the direction of where you want to go? Are you really willing to put in the work and make the changes? What will you have to learn to create this vision? What skills do you have to develop, or where do you need to make some investments? And become clear about your WHY, the Intention behind it all.


Feel free to choose one of the two, merge them into one, or create your own. This is to inspire YOU. Follow your guidance!


Fill your pages! You are doing this for yourself. For nobody else.


Don’t become afraid that you might miss something. You can always add in, throw out and adjust along your way. The vision is the first step. Then tracking down what this means from now on is the second. The third is to get out of the mind and step into action. And the overall step is to enjoy every piece along the journey!


Now let's finish the Ritual ...

Once you have written down everything, take your second glass, the one that is still empty and put it on your piece of paper with the “2020 and beyond Intentions. "


Now fill the water of your half-full glass that has been standing on your “past” into the empty glass to bring your knowledge, wisdom, love and growth with you into this new chapter. Then take your water bottle and fill up the now half-full glass of water that is standing on your intentions.


Place one hand around your now full glass and put the other on your heart. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths to center yourself again.


Allow this water now to be infused with your intentions, to let your written words move into the water, feel love and gratitude for this new chapter.


Then say the following prayer/ affirmation or create your own:


"I now allow this new path to open and unfold for me, to be reminded every day of my here stated words, to be present, and to use my creational power every day wisely to let this vision come into fruition. I give thanks for the support that I receive on this journey. May love and the light guide me each and every single day."


Now drink the water and say “Thank You”!

You have now completed your sacred honoring ritual.

WHY is it so important to sit down, to reflect and to envision?


The reason why we do this is to give your life a direction, we are often so caught up in the daily’s that we forget about the things that are important to us. What can you find in your heart? What contribution do you want to make to this world? Is there a dream that is calling you?


It is about becoming more aware, to be more present with life and not to run on autopilot all the time. To prevent yourself from running in circles or standing on the same step, that you have been staying on for the last 1, 2, 3, 4 … maybe even 10 years but actually wanted to move away from. It is for growth and renewal, it is about honoring your heart’s desires and to get real with yourself. To step out of the hamster wheel. To take a BREAK and to think about your LIFE and give it an intentional direction. And if you don’t know your heart’s desires, then make 2020 a year of exploration, to open up to find out what is truly important to you, to get inspired and to maybe try out things you have never done before. Explore!


To have it all on paper and have sent it out into the universe is not enough though.


It is easier to say sth than to do sth.


Now don’t sit there and wait for things to happen.

You are the creator of your life.

Honor and respect yourself.

Make the change happen.


Motivation will not always be on your side, but regrets that you never tried will definitely reside. The timeframe doesn't matter, it is about the beginning of taking action, one step at a time, to begin to choose your prefered direction, to begin to truly align with it.


I am not only sharing this all with you, it is as well a written reminder for myself.


I hope you have a beautiful and smooth ride into 2020 and this ritual has helped you to not just stumble but to move with a little less baggage and with a more unobstructed view into this next chapter of your life.


Tons of LOVE


If you want to share about your goals or just about your experiences with this ritual feel free to hit me an email !