It is HERE - A New Galactic Year and Cycle

Did you know that we just entered a NEW GALACTIC YEAR!?


According to the MOON Calendar, the 26th of July is the beginning of a NEW Galactic Year Cycle! The MOON orbits the earth in 28day cycles 13 x a year, adding up to 364 days plus one day of nothingness or called The Day Out of Time (25th of July).  Ancient cultures lived by this calendar instead like us today living by an artificially created year cycle. The Ancients knew that we are not only part of the earth but cosmic beings. The earth is just as galactic as any other planet or star system in this universe, we are all part of a bigger picture. And in our everyday life, it is easy to forget that.


But we have not only entered a NEW Galactic Year, that gives us the opportunity for a new creation, but also a complete new 13year Galactic Cycle, inviting us to realign with the Powers of the White Magnetic Wizard.


Doesn’t this sound magical to you?! I love symbology.

What it means is to awaken and understand our creational power here on this earth plane, using our talents and our gifts for the greater good, for positive change, for the light! Learning how to be conscious co-creators.


Did you feel the shift during this month? I know it has been tuff for some of us. Abrupt endings, an overflow of emotions, feeling incredibly triggered by others, intense encounters, upheavals, ridiculous amounts of fatigue … you name it. For some, it was a crazy one!


I received clear guidance to go deeply inward, to go into hermit mode and not make any major decisions for now. Which made total sense as I looked into the bigger picture of the current phase and cycles. The last Moon Cycle of the 13 invites us to contemplate and honor the past year, close old cycles, reflect on what we have learned and where we want to grow and expand.


It felt like everything stopped for a moment (moment=month here), which allowed me to see things in a completely different and new way. This month felt incredibly silent for me. More on the outside than on the inside, almost like being in incubation. I allowed myself to follow my inner guidance and focused on my own healing and own energy management - clearing and reflecting, being present with myself, being mindful of taking only inspired not forced action.


I allowed myself to be in the feeling of nothingness - a place in between. This allowing helped me to become intimate with the present moment, feeling no rush, no hurry, no pressure but a big RELEASE. 


I received so much peace and insight for myself, as I allowed the pressure and expectations to fade, in deep knowing that this is an important PAUSE for myself. I am super grateful that I was able to fully indulge in it. And I hope you had some time for yourself too.


It felt like a synchronization, a deeper union with the natural flow of life, with natures rhythms of ebbs and flow, learning to know when to be in the receptive and when more in the active role.


I always understood the concept but couldn’t find the right mixture as fear often overpowered the knowledge I had. And I was by far too much in my head about it. It is different when it sinks in, ones you feel it, it gives you a deeper form of Knowing. It radiates through your entire body and you just know this is right for now ...


In deep Knowing that everything is where it should be, making peace with where you find yourself, not from the head but from the heart. To reunite with the benevolent forces of the universe that are here to assist and guide us in our physical experience as human beings. My connection with self and “them” deepened.


They are always here, always with us, even when we think we are alone.


But it is because we THINK we are alone we can't FEEL that we aren't alone.
Once we get out of our head and into our hearts, we know we aren't alone.

Our job is TO ASK FOR HELP when we need it.


Our job is TO LEARN, TO SEE AND LISTEN to the subtle signs and synchronicities.


Our job is to learn about the POWER of








and become the master of our own.


Our job is to UNLOCK OUR HEARTS and TO FEEL again.
To come from a place of deep inner knowing without needing the physical manifestation NOW.

As you create the space without fearful interference on the inside, it will show up at some point on the outside - as within so without.


It is about letting go of control.


I know, it sounds easier than it is.
I get it!


I fell multiple times, especially over the last year and am still learning too.


It is not our fault.


It is because we were not taught

how to see,

how to feel,

how to smell,

how to sense and melt with the unseen,

how to create the right mixture

so, what we have ordered can come in.


Not in linear time (this is a hard one), but in divine timing. A beautiful orchestration that is happening behind the scene and our job is, not to get in the way of it. To keep the house clean and take the garbage out, take the necessary and forward-moving steps, to stay in the receptive mode and know that whatever you have ordered is meeting you halfway. We like to plan, organize and want to force things into existence … leaving out the magic, that there also can be an easier way. It is about the Yin AND the Yang, the balance between the masculine and feminine energies within us, that then create an easier flow of creation.


It is about learning how to become the White Wizard, to understand the hidden POWER, that each one of us holds and how to balance the ingredients to create the magic. It is Alchemy!


My INVITATION to YOU today is


to become mindful of the things that you take with you into this next small and bigger cycle for your own and our collective creation.






What were the major themes or patterns that repeatedly showed up within these past 13 years for you?


One of my spiritual teachers likes to say:
“Same s*it different toilets, same pattern different dresses”.


If we don’t learn from our mistakes, we will surely repeat them again, again and again.


Uh – and I can tell you it is not fun.


But it is especially hard to see what we are entangled in when we don’t take some time to reflect and take a step back. To tap into the field of higher consciousness that enables us to see the patterns, so we can leave a cycle if we so choose. Or NOT to repeat it again once a new toilet comes around.


I love Albert Einstein’s quote here:
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.


What happened for you? What have you learned? Where is room for growth and improvement?


Don’t forget energy is fluid, so there is always a transformational period between the chapters.

Do you see a thread for YOU?


As we are at the beginning of this New Galactic Year, take your time and PAUSE before you engage in and with new things.


Maybe you experienced big endings and changes happening for you over the past couple months, maybe even these past few years, all in preparation for what is more in alignment with your true resonance. 


I definitely had a few!


Have you been resisting to let go of something that is a long time overdue?


This New Galactic Year is the start of the bigger cycle and right now you are at the beginning of the smaller one. The starting point for both in one.

It is a powerful time.

The upcoming New Moon, at the end of this month, will help us to set the new endeavors into motion. You can always shift gears, start new things, make turn arounds, assess and take a different road, but when these energies amplify we can use them to our advantage. So why not make use of them?


What do you want to set into motion for the following months and years to come? What magic do you want to create for us all or just for yourself?


Be mindful of the ingredients you take with you on this journey, so you can create your intended potion!


If you want to embark on this exciting NEW JOURNEY with me,

may it be

through personal guidance and connection

OR just

through my written words

the free content I share

stay tuned and stay in touch

New THINGS are on the Horizon!


Let me know how things are for YOU?!

I am always happy to hear from YOU.


Sending YOU much LOVE and GRATITUDE that you read till the end!