Do you have SKIN ISSUES like Rashes, Eczema, Dermatitis, Acne …? You think, you have tried everything and don’t see any improvement? Or do you know anyone who is deeply affected by it? Even though you might not have them, this might still be an interesting read for you ...

Well, some of you already know part of my own story. I lived with severe dermatitis for many years and food was the starting point for me to shift and change my life around. I often see a lot of people getting stuck on their healing journey when they don’t address the things that go beyond the food. In other cases, they say the “diet” is not working and go back into old habits instead of making some further adjustments or follow through.

Food can be an incredible force for healing certain issues, yet it is not the solution for all! But I will address this topic at a different time.

I often hear “I am eating very clean or healthy and nothing is changing for me.”    
First and foremost, “clean and healthy” is quite relative and the question is what do you compare it to?    

Second, how consistent are you with your habits? How long have you been living a healthier lifestyle regarding your food choices? We expect miracles after 1-2 weeks or month when we have been living a certain way for over 30 years.
Give your body time! It is working on your behalf.   

Third, sometimes there might just be one missing piece, one thing that just doesn’t work with your body and you might be ignoring your intuition. Often, we already know what this is, have a clue or didn’t want to pay real attention and listened.

This just recently happened to me.    


I am honest here, and I as well need to adjust at certain times.

As you already know, my skin is my weakest link when it comes to physical manifestations of imbalances within me and in my life. Do you know yours?

About two months ago my skin started to slowly break out again, not with dermatitis, but it manifested slowly but steady as unclear skin in my face. It is always right in my face, so I finally face it … lol. It seems to be the fastest way to get my attention. I have to admit, it still took me over two months to finally make the move ... yes, I am just as human as you are!

Currently, I am undergoing a lot of stress and personal transition.
Stress, no matter where it comes from can accumulate and be expressed as certain symptoms in the body. But in my case, it is or was one food that my body can’t handle, when I am already living in a pressure cooker.
Every now and then I as well ignore the signs along the way.

Sometimes it is just that one little thing that is too much!

What kind of food was and is it for me?

cacao, healing, skin issues, dermatitis, ezcema, acne, toxins

(or cocoa powder as some of you might call it)


Yes, even in its purest form.


I kind of fell into the habit of having warm cacao in the evenings using it for comfort and soothing. Instead of having it once a while, I had it like almost every day. Oops!
It really became a habit! Deep within me, I already knew that it had to go.
Yet I wasn’t ready.
Even though Cacao has tons of beneficial compounds, there seems to be a correlation between skin issues (rashes, eczema, and acne) and cacao consumption in some cases. Dr. Michael Greger confirmed this in the interview we had together. I experienced it myself and heard from some other folks that they would get rashes or outbreaks when consuming it.

This is usually where I encourage my clients to listen to their intuition, despite what the "mainstream" says. In my case, I already knew in the back of my head that it was probably related to it, yet I wasn’t ready to cut it out for a while.

What is it for you that you need to let go off and are having a hard time with?


I hear you.

I feel you.

I understand you.


Sometimes it is hard to let go of something that gives us ease, relaxation and comfort for the moment.

Yet it hits us back in the long run. Some unhealthy habits that we do are default programs, some are emotional escapism. How often do we really choose consciously?

I always say, CHOOSE THE FOODS THAT LOVE YOU BACK! And it is a metaphor for any other life situation, any other "toxic" person, place or thing you are connected to. But how do we get out of a situation that we are codependent of?

First: We need to become conscious that we are codependent, have an issue here and that we might rely on something to fill a void.

Second: We need to understand why we are doing what we are doing. There is always a purpose, a reason. Even if it is an “unhealthy” behavior or habit. There are always some "benefits" even in the most destructive things we might engage in. It often is challenging to face and admit them.

Third: Bringing in FORGIVENESS & COMPASSION for yourself. The openness to transmute the issue and move through the uncomfortable process of release and change. When you let go of certain things you will go through resistance, second-guessing and withdraw.

We know better but we don’t do better. In many cases the answer is simple but the path is not easy!

There is often something alive within us that wants to fight the new path, the change that is necessary for our highest good.

We all have blind spots. But the world around us is helping us to see and discover them. Once we find "the truth" we have a choice to transmute what has been hiding in the shadow and transform, so we can find more peace, calmer waters and happiness inside of us.

In my case, I don’t have an unconditional love relationship with Cacao 😊. If I already experience too many stressors in my life, Cacao is the one that is too much for me to handle. Sometimes we need to let go of things for a little while until we can reintroduce them - when times are more stable, or circumstances have changed. But sometimes we need to let go of certain things once and for all, letting it be for the highest good. Happily, Cacao belongs for me in the first category.

Sometimes we need that extra push, that extra nudge to shift and change our habit.

Lucky me, this time it was a quite comfortable push. I took some time off in nature and went camping for a couple of days. Even though I stayed in a nice and comfy caravan I went simpler with my foods, leaving add-ons like cacao behind. So, in the evening, I did not have any other option but drink tea or water. The change of your environment, meaning here not having things accessible, can work wonders.
My skin finally started to clear up.

Of course, I have to say that nature has its healing power as well and during these days I had some time to contemplate, reflect and receive insight around some things for myself that needed or need adjustment, helping me to gain some clarity, to ground and to heal on a different level … but I guess you get the point here!

If you have been struggling with your skin or even any other health issue, your intuition might already tell you what to let go off … what is it for you?

And why are you holding on and resist to make the change?

If you really have skin issues, Cacao might be that one thing for you to let go of (especially if you consume it regularly). I know chocolate is a hard one for many.
Even one that is not filled with milk, high amounts of sugar and other processed crap.

Try it for a a couple weeks, a month and see what happens!

Much Love