Hello sister, brother, friend, fellow, earthling, starseed or source of light
- however you want to call yourself -

a warm WELCOME. It is wonderful that you are here!

soulfulcircle is here to assist you to ...

  • reconnect with your inner world
  • realign with your true nature and clear out the distortion that is in your way
  • feel more safe + secure within the self
  • open and liberate your heart and allow more love to flow through your life
  • reconnect with and embrace the attributes of truth, love and compassion
  • take care of your health and overall well-being
  • unify and integrate the spiritual aspect of life with the earthly realm
  • cultivate hope, faith and optimism in times of crisis
  • heal and move away from times of adversity
  • find your strength, courage and wisdom to navigate through times of transition and make life changes for the better
  • develop practical solutions for your problems, yet allow the universe to guide and support you

I sincerely believe the more balance & peace we can bring into the soul-mind-heart-body connection and live in alignment and resonance with our soul, the healthier, fulfilled, and vibrant we become. This path is not only healing for ourselves, but for the entirety of this planet. Alignment with ourselves enables us to unlock our creative potential, be of higher service to others and brings in the necessary change that we are all called to do - to course correct.
I would say it is essential to our Personal and Earth's Ascension.

It is my honor to support you on this beautiful Journey!


This might be the start of a new beginning for you, a journey of getting back or deeper in touch with your SELF, seeing more of who you really are while journeying into deeper forms of self-love and self-expression.


Then dive in deep with me through one of my