Hello sister, brother, friend, fellow, earthling, starseed or source of light
- however you want to call yourself -

a warm WELCOME. It is wonderful that you are here!

soulfulcircle aims to support the remembrance of who we are and why we came here to be.
To remind you to live from your heart, to reconnect to your inner being, your physical body and mother earth. To let you know, that you are loved and that there is a reason for you being here. This might be the start of a new beginning for you, a journey of getting back or deeper in touch with your SELF, finding out more about who you really are while journeying into deeper forms of self-love and self-expression.



Then dive in deep with me through one of my soulfulservices: 

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I deeply believe the more balance & peace we can bring into the soul-mind-heart-body connection and live in alignment and resonance with our soul, the healthier, fulfilled, and vibrant we become. Soul Alignment enables us to be of higher service to others and brings in the necessary change that we are all called to do. 
I would say it is essential to our Personal and Earth's Ascension.

It is my honor to support you on this beautiful Journey!